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Women of Worship

The Women of Worship are part of the vibrant ministry at Strawbridge United Methodist Church. The group had its genesis five years ago in November (2010) when the church (Dorothy ‘Muddy’ Brown) sponsored a talent show program. Several women wanted to do something unique and different and give praise to God while channeling the traditions of Christian women of the past. Introduced as, “Women of Worship,” they opened the talent show to a pulsating gospel soundtrack and streamed up the center aisle wearing coordinated colors and adorned with hats, veils, gloves, and stockings, high heels. They performed choreographed movements and hand motions that heralded the Savior and set the atmosphere for worship. The movements were vigorous, synchronized, and included sign language and other elements that portrayed what was being verbalized in song coming from the loudspeaker system. At the end of the performance they received a long standing ovation and everyone that witnessed the debut performance knew that something special had just been witnessed and the ladies had to keep it going. The Women of Worship were of course invited to other churches, events, dramas, and programs and they always custom tailor their performance to fit the service or particular event. This meant that they had to increase their repertoire, acquire additional dressing and uniforms, and add liturgical dance and props to the performances; they also have selections where a subset of the full group perform. They continue to function as a cohesive unit and take on projects that include raising money for women’s issues, sponsoring group line dancing lessons and donating the proceeds to local cancer patients and their families, and serving in civic and community sponsored events. They continue to enhance worship and inspire all who witness their gift and love of the Lord. Whenever the Women of Worship of Strawbridge are part of the service, hold onto your seat, as you will see, hear and experience the power and presence of the Holy Spirit!