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That's my Church, I love it and the people, very good preaching Pastor.
Mary H.
I have been to this church several times in the past few years . This is not a building ,it's a family of God . They are the most loving giving people . Some I have known all my life but had never been to worship until a few years ago and since the first time it gives me the greatest feeling deep in my soul . This is the most outstanding house of worship I have ever been to . God bless them and thank you Jesus for a wonderful visit . I will be back soon . Love you Strawbrige UMC .
Jim R.
Jesus centered, Christian values in ACTION. No judgement (That's not our job). Acceptance, Diversity, Support and Fellowship. Helping each other be our best selves. Joy, Gratitude, Praise and Worship. That's what this church is all about.
Bruce C.
It's all family at Strawbridge.
Betty B.
I came because I was looking for a church that praised God. And I found God's family n a Pastor that preached God's word and teach you also. Come join US at the LITTLE WHITE CHURCH by the side of the road. With doors that open wide to Welcome. You in.
Ula G.
Awesome people
Wayne J.
I absolutely love this Little White Church On THe Hill. God is doing amazing things through His people here. Our Pastor has a special anointing from God and uses the Gifts God has given him. The congregation is amazing they are truly my family in every sense of the word! I love them with all my heart. God is just tremendous and I'm just so grateful to Him for all He does for us individually and collectively. The love of God is felt as soon as you walk through the doors. He is blessing us and His Praises are forever on our tongues. God is Good. Come worship with us and feel the power of the Most High God. Worship starts at 10:30 every Sunday Morning.
Kathy D.
God dwells in this place! Pastor & members treat you like family and make you feel at home. If ever in the area, you have to drop by & experience the love!
Gloria D.
The Holy spirit is alive and flourishing at this,amazing church
Kathleen M.
I think I need to bring my children, so we can enjoy the teachings together.
Lauretta B.