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Join Us for Our Weekly Livestream

Welcome to our weekly livestream page at Strawbridge United Methodist Church. We are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to worship, learn, and connect with our faith community from the comfort of your own home. Our livestream services provide a way for you to engage with our church family, regardless of your location or circumstances.

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Livestream Schedule:


Join us for our Sunday morning worship service, where you can partake in a meaningful worship experience, listen to inspiring sermons, and engage in prayer. Livestream services typically begin at [Insert Time].

Special Events

Throughout the year, we may host special events, conferences, or celebrations that will also be available via livestream. Stay tuned to our calendar for updates on these exciting occasions.

Tech Support and Assistance

If you encounter technical difficulties while accessing the livestream, our tech support team is ready to assist you. Contact our Social Media team at, and we will do our best to help you troubleshoot any issues.

Stay Connected

While we value the convenience of livestreaming, we also encourage you to stay connected with our physical church community whenever possible. Join us for in-person events, Sunday services, and fellowship opportunities when you’re able.

Thank you for choosing to worship with us through our livestream services. We look forward to sharing the Word of God, engaging in heartfelt worship, and building connections with you, our extended faith family. Together, we can continue our faith journey and strengthen our bonds in Christ, even from a distance.