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Herod’s Nightmare: Jesus’ Birth


Herod’s Nightmare – Jesus’ Birth by Ambassador Blango Ross, Jr. (November 2010)

A Christmas story dramatization in four (4) scenes as imagined through the eyes of Herod the Great (73-4 BCE), King of the Judea in the last decades before the common era. The play is written to show the miraculous nature of our Savior’s birth on the backdrop of the imminent danger that was present even while He was just an infant. It also gives more insight into the historical/political setting and conditions that were imposed on Mary and Joseph which proved to be the fulfillment of scripture. The story is adapted from the Gospel of Matthew (1 and 2), with some narration from Luke 2; it leaves room for audience or talented participation between the scenes to thread the story as a dinner theater production.


King Herod – (pro-Roman king of Judea)… Amb. Blango Ross, Jr
Mariamme II – (second wife of King Herod)… Nina Montgomery
Salome – (sister of King Herod)… Juanita Brown
Simon – (Jewish priest/Mariamme’s father)… Elder Bryan Wilson, Sr
Octavius – (main sentry of Herod’s army)… Raynard Scott
Virgin Mary – (mother of Jesus)… Arroe Wilson
Joseph  (betrothed to Mary)… Julian Ross
Jesus  (age 7)… Bryan Wilson, Jr
Jesus  (age 2)… Drake Hebron
Brutus  (Herod’s bodyguard)… Nevin Smith, Sr
Cassius  (Herod’s bodyguard)… Vaughn Paylor
Gallus  (messenger for Caesar Augustus)… Bruce Calvert
Angels – Lalah Briscoe, Zya Herndon, Chrissy Giffin, Marva Gassaway
Wise Men (magi)  Greg Dorsey, Stephen Howard, Billy Hebron
Inn-keeper – Terry Nokes
Shepherds – Caleb Robinson, Bryan Wilson, Irvin Briscoe III
King & Queen Servants – Asia Hill, Caleb Robinson, Bryan Wilson
Entertainers – Julian Ross juggler, Dawn Briscoe and Therene Hebron belly-dancers, Mya Medlin ballerina, Alia Jones and Ashlyn Wilson wailing woman
Narrators  Rezlyn Wilson, Bruce Calvert
King Herod’s army  (Magi, Simon, Shepherd)

~The Play ~
Scene One – Herod’s Palace, Judea
Scene Two – Herod’s Palace (day 2)
Scene Three – Bethlehem stable
Scene Four – a)Portico in kingdom/b) Egypt

~ The Crew & Committee ~

Costumes/DecorationsRenee Smith, Fuzzy Nickoles,
Tambra Powell, Kathy Smallwood
Sound/ VideoDaryl Smith, AJ Carroll,
Ray Nowden
Promotions/Souvenir BookMarvin Cornish, Carole Groomes
Choreography/HelpsNina Montgomery, Fuzzy Nickoles
Chrissy Griffin, Marva Gassaway
Tisha Hebron
Tickets/LogisticsYvonne & Sherwood Gambrill
ConsultingKathy Smallwood, Candace Medlin
Set Build/DesignVaughn Paylor, Darrell Davis
Assistance and HelpSharon Cassell, Therene Hebron,
Elaine Wedge, Theresa Hebron
PhotographyDelmar Gillus
VideographyCarroll County Media Center
PrintingSharon Jones
Caterer/buffet designSpice-It-Up, Jonathan Anderson
Lighting & StageBilly Hebron, Vaughn Paylor
DrummerStephen Howard
Director/Producer /ScriptAmb Blango Ross, Jr

Between the Scenes ~ Performances
AJ Wilson Gospel comprised of sisters – Arroe, Asa, & Ashlyn, is a harmonic and rhythmic trio with contemporary spiritual roots and gospel flavor. Born in Harrisburg, PA, and now residing in Owings Mills, MD, they are the talented daughters of Rezlyn and Elder Bryan Wilson, Sr. They are bright, articulate, gifted and lovers of the Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. They founded a Christian outreach organization at Owings Mills High School called Eagle Treasures. They sing a-cappella and with accompaniment and share their melodic voices wherever they are invited having appeared on the Donnie Glover Show, 1010AM Radio, at Govan Manor Nursing Home (Baltimore), and various events, programs and talent shows (to name a few). Each of the young lady’s first and middle names begin with the letters A&J, respectively; and, their last name is Wilson (of course). Be inspired by the angelic sounds of AJ Wilson Gospel as they provide the “thread” that seams several scenes of Herod’s Nightmare: Jesus’ Birth, together!

Spiritual Creations mime ministry is the brainchild of Master James Beal, Jr. Brother Beal has always sought to use all of his gifts for the work of the Lord and he surprised and memorized many of us when he debuted doing mime. The spirit of the Lord works in strange and mysterious ways and Brother Beal discerned rightly that the worship experience was lacking in that it usually only involved “hearing” the gospel. “The gracious Lord gave us five senses, hence every one of them can be tapped into to edify God,” he reasoned. Through Spiritual Creations, many have been able to hear, see, touch, taste, and smell the love of God and this ministry has been vastly acclaimed and widely demanded. Spiritual Creations provides the “hook” to the storyline of Herod’s Nightmare: Jesus’ Birth, and essential message of Christmas: “God Is Here!”

Dinner Theater Soundtracks used –

  1. Gracious Good ShepherdVanessa Williams
  2. O Come All Ye FaithfulLuther Vandross
  3. Renditions by AJ Gospel…
  4. The Night that Christ was BornKirk Franklin
  5. Angels We Have Heard On HighVanessa Williams
  6. Death Is Gonna Lay His Cold Icy Hand on Me, Andre Thomas
  7. Faith, Andre Crouch
  8. Drumming by Stephen Howard…
  9. God Is Here, Karen Clark
  10. Hark the Herald Angel SingsVanessa Williams
  11. Let the Church Say Amen, Andre Crouch