Good Morning Everyone!

I wanted to give you all an end-of-year snapshot of how we’re looking financially.
  • Earlier this week we paid the first installment of our carpet expense ($2,925.00). The total bill is $8,775.00 which we will finish paying when the installation is completed.
  • We owe one more installment to CPM Home & Outdoor (contractor) of $12,118.79. Which will be paid after the job is completed.
  • We’ve sent 135 letters to local businesses in Maryland asking for their financial support.
  • We’ve paid our Mission Share (formerly referred to as “Apportionments”) in full. Our total for 2022 was $12,327.96.
Here is a snapshot of our bank account balances:

December Finance Update | Strawbridge UMC image 7

Here is a snapshot of our online giving (so far):

December Finance Update | Strawbridge UMC image 8

As a recap of this year…
  1. We purchased and installed a new oil tank ($3,520.00)
  2. We replaced our sanctuary floor ($63,625.30)
  3. We repaired our foundation ($10,500.00)
  4. We replaced our carpet ($8,775.00)
  5. We raised money ($23,367.66)
…and we did it all to the glory of Almighty God!

Blessings to you all, and thank each of you for all that you do!

Odell Duppins

Strawbridge United Methodist Church
P: (410) 635-6480 | C: (443) 244-3277
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