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Amazon Smile Update & Reminder

Good Morning Everyone!

Just wanted to remind you that Amazon is offering us donations at no charge to you. Basically, Amazon wants to help local charities but wants its customers to decide where they donate to. All you need to do is add Strawbridge United Methodist Church Inc. as your charity on Amazon and they will donate a portion of every purchase you make back to the church. No extra funds come out of your pocket! With the holidays coming up we can really run up some numbers with them!
To date, we’ve received $158.26 from them at no cost to our members. It’s very easy to set up and use. Amazon has simplified the signup process and you no longer need to make your purchases on a separate website; simply add it to your Amazon account once and every purchase made thereafter will qualify for a donation.
Click here for signup information, and instructions on adding it to your mobile app:
Amazon Smile | Good Hope Lutheran
Odell Duppins
Strawbridge United Methodist Church
P: (410) 635-6480 


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Update on AmazonSmile

On behalf of the Finance Committee, we thank all of you that signed up for Amazon Smile and allowed us to receive donations from them at no expense to you!